Born and raised in Washington, DC, Andrew Gifford is the founder and director of the Santa Fe Writers Project. He is also the author of the memoir We All Scream: The Fall of the Gifford’s Ice Cream Empire.


Melanie Greaver Cordova is the editor of SFWP Quarterly. She is the former editor-in-chief of Harpur Palate and assistant editor of the Picayune. She has a Ph.D. in English from SUNY Binghamton and works at Cornell University. She can be found on Twitter @mjcwrites.

I like strange fiction, fiction that has one foot in our world and one in another. For creative nonfiction, my favorite pieces end up being ones that teach me something without direct instruction. I’m still waiting for someone to write a stellar piece of creative nonfiction about the TV show Survivor.


Katherine Ellis

Amanda Murphy

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