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SFWP founder Andrew Gifford is available to assist other like-minded presses and authors promote their work.

Read an interview with Andrew from the Writers Center in Bethesda, MD.

The promotion plan is easy. All so often, publicists take a large amount of money up front and fail to produce results. With me, I’ll review the work that you wish to promote and let you know what I believe to be the best strategy. I take a grass-roots approach to marketing, focusing on bringing the work to the attention of individuals, bookbuyers, and bloggers.

The SFWP design team will develop one-sheets to be sent out, along with a letter, to select mailing lists that we’ve developed over the years. We’ll also assist with your online presence if you wish. Much of the work you can do yourself. It is my belief that authors and publishers must focus, first and foremost, on marketing their own work and using their own voice to do so. That’s arguably the most vital part of this strange calling we’ve decided to follow.

My goal, as your publicist, will be to use SFWP’s resources to guide you on that path and not drain your finances in exchange for empty promises.

These days, most traditional methods of promoting books are unfocused and provide little confidence.  Why pay thousands for guess work and crossed fingers?

With the SFWP team, basic campaigns start at approximately $500 (email me for a more exact estimate and pricing details once you’re done reading below). That includes structuring the campaign, designing a one-sheet and accompanying sales letter for a direct mailing to SFWP’s list of 1000 allies, book-buyers, and media sources, setting up a profile for the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, and contacting friendly book review bloggers.

That figure can be more or less. It’s up to you how you wish to structure your campaign. Do you want to work through email marketing instead of direct postal mail? Do you want to launch a full-on book promotion and work the major reviewers like Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, major newspaper outlets, and so on? Do you want webpage design? Or are you already plugged in and moving with the social media outlets? These are all factors, and I’ll always be open to discussion during the process. Instead of taking money and working mysteriously behind the scenes, I’ll present you with options along the way, suggest what you can be doing on your own, and turn all design work for your project over to you upon payment. You decide how the campaign takes shape. And, just as important, you are only billed for work that you have authorized. You can stop the campaign at any time, or tailor it to your specific financial needs.

I’m picky about the books I choose and the people I work with. It’s not a judgment on you or your work. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that I can only support a book if my heart is behind it 100%. I have to enjoy the work on a personal, subjective level. And I have to know that the author and/or publisher behind it is committed for the same reasons. The book industry is no longer about the insane money grab. Our goal is to promote work that we personally believe in, and get those books into the public’s hands – by hook or by crook.

All of my information is here. Send me your book, or email me, and let’s make things happen!

–Andrew Gifford

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