I started publishing because I love books. I publish titles that I would buy, and that I want to see on the shelves, regardless of genre. SFWP’s mission is not about making a fortune, or creating a catalog that the accountants can get behind. The mission is one of recognition and preservation. These books are works of art, as precious as anything you would hang on your wall. Please take a moment to explore our titles and join me on this mission. -Andrew Gifford, Director

SFWP is an independent press dedicated to the craft of writing.

We stand by our authors and we stand by our books, embracing new trends and ideas beyond those of the current publishing industry.

Our history, and our mission, goes far beyond publishing. At the heart of SFWP, we are a resource for authors. Since 2000, we have hosted an internationally recognized Literary Awards Program. Since 2002, we have maintained an online Literary Journal which provides a home for published and unpublished authors, featuring fiction, creative nonfiction, book reviews, and experimental work. We publish our winning authors, and 90% of our previous Awards Program winners have gone on to publication.

All of our titles are distributed by the Independent Publishers Group. Our books are available worldwide, in every format, everywhere books are sold.

The company was founded in 1998 by Andrew Gifford. SFWP is dedicated to artistic preservation, recognizing exciting new authors, and bringing out of print work back to the shelves.

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SFWP continues to explore ways to champion books, writing, and writers. With over 35 titles published since 2005, we’ve unflinchingly adapted to the changing world of publishing and we challenge the norms by embracing short stories, novellas, translations, reprints, and the avante garde. We maintain two exciting imprints – Alan Squire Publishing, specializing in boutique books and poetry, and 2040 Books, a press devoted to featuring ethnic authors and promoting diverse literature.

“SFWP launched the best year of my literary life.” –K.L. Cook, author of Last Call and The Girl from Charnelle

About the Director

andrewBorn and raised in Washington, DC, Andrew Gifford is the founder and director of the Santa Fe Writers Project. Over the years, he’s worked as a caterer, a bookseller, a groundskeeper, in call centers, as the wire editor for an Associated Press company, as a business writer for Oxford Intelligence, and as a development editor for the American Psychological Association books department. He is the author of the memoir We All Scream: The Fall of the Gifford’s Ice Cream Empire.