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I started publishing because I love books. I publish titles that I would buy, and that I want to see on the shelves, regardless of genre. SFWP’s mission is not about making a fortune, or creating a catalog that the accountants can get behind. The mission is one of recognition and preservation. These books are works of art, as precious as anything you would hang on your wall. Please take a moment to explore our titles and join me on this mission.
-Andrew Gifford, Director


Spring 2015

It’s launch day for four of our five spring 2015 releases! From the 2013 Literary Awards Program, we welcome three winning authors to the catalog today – April L. Ford, Allen Gee, and Stephen G. Eoannou. April L. Ford’s The Poor Children walked away with the... read more

Nostalgia: The Gifford's Memoir Project Part 7

Nostalgia. It’s a hard thing to work around. In the past year, as I’ve researched the quiet insanity that is the Gifford family, I’ve probably talked to about a hundred people. I’ve talked to former employees, vendors, neighbors, and family... read more

Fall 2014 Releases

A few months ago, I talked about my four favorite books that I read in 2013. One of those titles was Lisa Lenard-Cook’s magnificent Dissonance. It’s the story of Anna Kramer, a piano teacher in Los Alamos, NM, who inherits the journals and scores of... read more