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New Releases & Big Hits

Crossing Over
Richard Currey
Crossing Over has long been regarded as one of the Vietnam Era’s most evocative literary works. Cited by Library Journal ...
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Imperial Governor: 50th Anniversary EditionGeorge Shipway
A novel told in the form of a memoir, Imperial Governor is a compelling and impeccably researched portrait of Gaius ...
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Crusade: Book Three Daniel M. Ford
Braech's minions, led by the calculating Archpriest Symod, march on the now-weakened Baronies. The final battle, a crusade against the ...
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All Roads Lead To Blood
Bonnie Chou
Unflinching and compelling portrayals of desire fill this award-winning story collection, moving back and forth between California and New York, ...
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Author Spotlight: Julie Carrick Dalton

Movement and first loves as a path to writing By Monica Prince   Journalist Julie Carrick Dalton’s manuscript The Poacher’s Code was selected as one of the top ten finalists for the SFWP Literary Awards Program. She’s published more than a thousand articles in The...

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Visual truth in TUNNEL TO HELL by Scott MacGregor

When common humanity takes a back seat to greed By Beth Osborne   Scott MacGregor’s graphic novel Tunnel to Hell is the story of the Waterworks Tunnel Disaster of 1916, as seen through the eyes of those who suffered as they attempted to work on and survive past the...

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SFWP Celebrates 20 Years

Part 1: Pain By Andrew Gifford   In November of 1998, my life was a mess. A few years earlier, I started to experience intense pain in my face. It was like someone was drilling into my head – or maybe trying to drill out of it. I described it to doctors as electric...

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