2040 Books

An Exciting new Multicultural Imprint from SFWP


Minorities have long been under-represented by the publishing industry, but according to the US Census, more than half of all Americans will be part of a minority group by the 2040s. All across America today, this vibrant cross-cultural boom is underway, changing how we view the world, and how we view literature and the arts. 2040 Books represents this exciting social change, standing as a strong, new voice in publishing and championing debut and established multicultural authors.

2040 Books was founded in 2016 by the Santa Fe Writers Project in conjunction with the Creative Writing Program at Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA (GCSU). As part of their education, graduate students in GCSU’s MFA program are involved in the pre-production and publicity phases of each title. Operating under the supervision of GCSU faculty and SFWP staff, these graduates will make up the next generation of publishing experts, ushering in a new era of vision and equality in the arts.

2040 Books will be distributed worldwide by the Independent Publishers Group and operate closely with the Santa Fe Writers Project, a successful independent press which has fostered unique literature and authors for 20 years.


The 2040 Awards Contest ended on July 7, 2017. The grand prize went to Bonnie Chau, for All Roads Lead to Blood, which will be published by SFWP and 2040 Books on September 1st, 2018. You can read more about the book right here.

For news on the next contest, please visit the Contest’s webpage.


Editor: Allen Gee

Allen is currently Professor of English at Georgia College. He has served as Editor at Gulf Coast, was the Faculty Fiction Editor for Arts & Letters for over a decade, and currently directs the creative writing program at Georgia College. He is the author of My Chinese-America, and is the designated biographer for the late James Alan McPherson.

Associate Editor: Abbie Lahmers

Abbie is currently a graduate student in fiction in the MFA program at Georgia College. She has served as Managing Editor for Arts & Letters for two years, was the Editor at SLAB, and her work has been published in numerous journals.

Executive Director: Andrew Gifford

Andrew has been the SFWP’s founding Editor, successfully operating SFWP since 1998. He has published over 30 titles, building SFWP’s award-winning catalogue with an eclectic blend of literary fiction and creative nonfiction. He is the author of the memoir, We All Scream: The Fall of the Gifford’s Ice Cream Empire.